Welcome to Next Textile 2023

Next Textile is transforming from a single day of seminars to a half-day series of meetings and discussions.

Unlocking the potential of Circular Threads: A Half-Day Seminar, Workshop, and Discussions of understanding how the model needs to change.

Join us for a half-day seminar, workshop and discussions surrounded by the theme of Circular Threads, from linear to circular.

As an invitational event, you can expect your peers to be professionals in the capacity as relevant industry executives in positions in the textile and fashion sector and who have a like-minded interest in business and belief in the power of interaction and collaboration to foster and promote innovation and development.

Gain valuable insights into the world of circularity and unlock your business’s potential for sustainable growth. Learn from industry pioneers who have successfully integrated circular principles into their operations, and find out how you can do the same.

We aim to create a forum and set an agenda to promote questions vital for developing a sustainable and profitable textile and fashion business.

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